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HEC Media Nominated for 17 Emmys, including Overall Excellence

Congratulations to all those nominated! HEC couldn’t carry out its mission to “strengthen the education, art, and cultural communities in the metropolitan area” without you and all our supporters! These nominations are for you, St. Louis! Arts/Entertainment- Program Feature Segment 15 Year-Old Short Film Director Kara Vaninger Brock Seals: New Artist, Old Soul Suzanne Vanderhoef, […]


Highlights from the 48 Hour Film Project

Five short films ranging from broad farce to bone-chilling horror from the 48 Hour Film Project.


Then I Knew

Six revealing interviews show the effect of beging “different” from the majority white society and culture.


Gaslight Square: The Legend Lives On

For a decade, from the mid-50’s, Gaslight Square was the hippest neighborhood west of New York. Comedy, music, cabaretl offered cutting-edge entertainment.


Smoke City

Profiles of Ballwin, Ferguson, Florrisant, North St. Louis, South St. Louis.


Whole Damn Crew: The Martin Quigley Story

Martin Quigley’s long association with Fleishman Hillard, the Cardinals and A-B make him an important – and colorful part of St. Louis history.


Dev Diary

How to make – and market – a video game; 2 brothers and their company, Butterscotch Shenagins, deal with setbacks, including cancer, but triumph in the end.


Preview of the 2017 St. Louis International Film Festival

We sit down with Chris Clark, artistic director of Cinema St. Louis, for a preview of the St. Louis International Film Festival.


“Richie and the Styles” and “He Who Listens With Music”

Should “Richie” sell out for commercial success? How was “Hiyat” able to turn an acquaintance’s life around?


The Best of the 48 Hour Film Project 2017

Films include a scathing portrait of modern courtship, a suburban wormhole problem, a meta-movie and a brutal futuristic rebellion.


500: The Impact of the Reformation Today

The long-term effects of the Reformation are explained by a number f prominent theologians.


4:00AM and Talk Radio

Two films about radio, Nathan Karimi’s “4:00AM” and Jay Kanzler’s “Talk Radio.”


Sophie and Sarge

Two short films. “Sophie” by Alvaro Aro, is a descent into a frightening fantasy realm. Sophie finds herself somewhere strange and confronted by a deranged “Chancellor” and an even madder “Queen.” “Sarge” by Benjamin Dewhurst is the story of a WWI vet, in a senior living facility, haunted by guilt from his role in the […]


The Ultimate Fan

From director Nicholas Rousseau, “The Ultimate Fan,” the story of an obsessed St. Louis Blues’ hockey fan.


The Dark Knight Returns

A fan film by director Wyatt Weed.


The Will

Sandro Perrino’s film, “The Will,” is the story of Leon, a young boxer engaged in a struggle between reason and emotion as he tries to make love work.


A Preview of the 25th Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival

An inside look at the festival with Chris Clark of Cinema St. Louis.


5 films from the 48 Hour Film Project, August 2016

Meet 5 talented young filmmakers who, with their teams, created short films from scratch in 48 hours.


Fatal Call

Fatal Call is a suspense/action feature.


Comedy Shorts

Five short comedies sending up 80’s action films, millenials, internet dating and film noir.


Elegy to Connie

Elegy to Connie is an Animated Documentary that evaluates the 2008 shootings at Kirkwood City Hall, told through stories from Connie’s closest friends.


Jim Crow to Barack Obama

An inter-generational conversation between African Americans from today’s generation and their elders who were forced to grew up during the Jim Crow era.


Sustainability in St. Louis

Sustainability is the ability to meet present needs without compromising the ability to meet future needs. This episode of Liquid Light looks into the efforts of Sustainability in St. Louis.


William Clark-The Further Journey

Explores the life of William Clark. Hear from the film’s director Jim Scott in an in-depth interview with Liquid Light host Eleanor Mullin.

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